E150- 2021 2043 -50Hz



  • Ductile Iron Casting for Superior strength and long. Life
  • Recessed Design-provides non-overloading performance
  • Recessed Design-reduces bearing load/Increases Bearing Life
  • Recessed Design-Prevents Clogging
Shaft Seals
  • Full Mechanical (Silicon Carbide/Silicon Carbide) With Secondary Lip Seal in Tandem .
  • Permanent split capacitor design for single Phase models Features Lower Starting Currents, while maintaining Execellent Starting Torque
  • Capacitor is mounted internally-No External start Switches or Capacitors.(Note Single Phase models can be wired directly to Float Switches)
  • Thermol over load is mounted directly on windings in the single Phase models for maximum Temperature Sensing Thus Preventing motor failure due to excessively high motor Temperatures
  • Stator is Pressed in the motor Housing for execellent Stator Alignment and Superior Aid to Heat transfer from Motor Windings.
Oil-filled provides:
  • Constant Bearing Lubrication.
  • Maximum Motor cooling (Conducts heat from Motor Windings to Fluids Being Pumped)
  • Helps provide even heat distribution, throughout the motor Housing, Aiding to eliminate(Hot Spot Zones) as seen in Air filled motors, Air has a very low Coefficient for Tranferring heat.



1 1/2 HP Effluent Pumps
  • 3/4" Solids Handling
  • Heavy Duty Lip & Mechanical Seals in Tandem
  • 240 Volt-Single Phase
  • 415 Volt-Three Phase
  • 50 Hz
  • Two Chamber Motor Housing
  • Separate Cord Cap Assembly
  • Internal Capacitors-No Control Box Required Ductile Iron-Clog-Free Recessed Impeller Silicon Carbide-Mechanical Seal-Grit and Sand Resistant Secondary Lip Seal in Tandem-for added protection All Cast Iron construction with Stainless Steel

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