• Recessed (Vortex) design- reduces bearing load & Increases Bearing Life.
  • Recessed design helps to prevent clogging of Pump.
  • Material is High Temperature, Corrosion Resistant, Glass filled Nylon for Extra Strength and Durability.
Shaft Seals
  • Full Mechanical Seal (Carbon / Ceramic).
  • Lip Seal in Tandem W/ Mechanical Seal for redundant Shaft Sealing and additioual Sealing Protection For the Motor
  • Dual (upper & lower) Ball Bearings-Far superior to" ball/sleeve" and " Sleeve/Sleeve" Bearing designs
Pump Motor Housing
  • Rugged Cast Iron Motor housing.
  • Features Execellent Heat Conduction from the motor to the Fluid being Pumpedfor longer Motor Life
Power Cords
  • Are Triple Sealed-using, Cord connector, Epoxy Potted with individual conductors stripped internally and Epoxy Sealed around each conductor, to seal and prevent wicking leaks
  • Permanent Split Capacitor design –Features Lower starting Currents W/ higher starting Torque, Lower Starting current gives longer Life to Level con trol switches
  • Capacitor is mounted internally, No start Switch or Coutrol Box is Required
  • Thermol overload is mounted directly on the Windings for Preventing Motor Failure due to excessively high Motor Temperatures to motor Windings
Oil-filled provides:
  • Constant Bearing lubrication.
  • maximum motor cooling (conducts heat from motor to the Fluids being Pumped)
  • Helps provide even Heat distribution, throughout the motor housing, Helping to eliminate "hot Spots" as seen in Air filled motors, which has a very low Coefficient for Heat Transfer!


SPE3 Series
1/3 HP Effluent Pumps
  • 1/2" Solids Handling
  • Heavy Duty Lip & Mechanical Seals in Tandem
  • 115 & 230 Volts available
  • 60Hz
  • Durable Cast Iron Motor Housing
  • 115 & 230 Volt Piggyback Power Plug and Switch
    Plug w/20' Cord as Standard

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