Cutter Assembly
  • Hardened 440 SST(56-60 Rockwell) shredding ring and grinding impeller.
  • 8,300 cuts / second..... 1 / 2 million cuts / minute.
  • Ductile iron casting for superior quality and long life.
  • Recessed impeller provides non-overloading performance.
  • Recessed (vortex) design reduces bearing load / increases bearing life.
  • Recessed design prevents clogging.
Shaft Seals
  • Full mechanical seal (silicon / carbide) and secondary lip seal.
  • Capacitor start / run design for assured starting, strong torque and grinding under heavy load.
  • Pressed stator for precise shaft / bearing alignment, long life.
  • Internal capacitors and start switch, no external control box required.
  • Internal overload protection.
  • Dual ball bearings (upper and lower).
Oil-filled provides:
  • Constant bearing lubrication.
  • Maximum motor cooling, even temperature distribution.


2 HP Grinder Pump
  • Ideal for Long Discharge Runs or High Static Heads
  • Double Mechanical Seal
  • Silicon Carbide (Main) – Grit Resistant
  • Carbon Ceramic (Secondary)
  • Dual Sealing Chambers with Moisture Detection for Optimum Motor Protection Ductile iron Impeller, Recessed, Clog-Free
  • 30 Year Proven Design
  • Stainless Steel Grinder Assembly Effectively Macerates Domestic Into a Fine Slurry

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